Resort Amenities
To make your stay as comfortable as possible


Our Lodge is a great place to come visit to hang out or to grab a few things. We have a wide assortment of games and books, and it’s fully stocked with ice, candy, snacks, ice cream, beverages, groceries, clothing, and souvenirs. We also serve Luige’s Big Daddy Pizza, Michelob Golden Light on tap, and wine.

The Lodge at Cut Foot Sioux Resort

Bait Shop

From May through October, our bait shop is open fully stocked with live bait, tackle, fishing gear, marina supplies, and premium gas making it a convenient one stop shop without having to leave the resort.

bait and fishing tackle hanging on the wall of the bait shop at Cut Foot Sioux Resort

Fish Cleaning Facility

What happens at fish camp... Gets told over and over again especially in our fish cleaning house!!

You can bring your days catch here for cleaning, gut disposal, and packaging. Fish cleaning service also available. When you’re all done fish can be either be brought back to your cabin or it can be stored in our guest freezer upon your request.

work area in the fish cleaning house at Cut Foot Sioux Resort

Party Building

We have a party building facility that is popular amongst our guests. It’s furnished for special events or large groups of people as a gathering place. It’s also used for our weekly fish fry & potluck from June-August. It has several tables, lots of chairs, cooking stove, microwave, fish fryer, 1 full sized refrigerator, beer keg fridge (needs to be ordered ahead of time), BBQ grill, several outlets for plugging stuff in, and buffet tables.

Our facility is free of charge for paying guests. If interested in using, please call ahead of time to request it.

inside the party building at Cut Foot Sioux Resort

Laundry and Shower House

For your convenience, we have a laundry facility available for guest use that is reasonably priced. Shower house is also available for free of charge for all paying guests whether you’re camping or staying in a cabin and need an extra one. *non-paying guests can use shower house for $5.00 per use**